So you have heard that anyone can earn money online, but you’re not sure how …

… and the information you find online is either not as detailed as you would like, or written for a western audience and does not work so well for people in Pakistan.

Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out which are the best proven methods to earn money online in Pakistan!

Well, you are in luck!

In this article, we will look at affiliate programs as the top proven method to help you earn money online in Pakistan.

But first, let’s be very clear …

There is No Magic Wand! – Some people think or make you believe that you can earn money online while doing nothing!

They are WRONG!

Any online venture where you can make money, is a BUSINESS and needs to be treated as such.

If you’re not serious about your online business, you will surely fail!

On the other hand;

If you are serious about your business, plan everything with care, and follow through with patience and dedication …


You Will Succeed!

That said;

Let’s dive into how to earn money online without investment!

Earning Money Online with Affiliate Programs

An Affiliate Program is one where a business enables webmasters to send them potential customers interested in their products or services. Once these people buy the product or service, a commission is paid to the referring webmaster.

William J. Tobin started the first online affiliate program for his company “PC Flowers & Gifts”, back in 1994! Click To Tweet

But do you need a website to start affiliate marketing?

Not necessarily!

If you wish to learn how to make a website using WordPress, you can follow my guide by clicking here.

While having a website does help a lot and will probably help you earn more, having one is not always necessary.

Learn How to Easily Make a Website

and Earn Money with it!

Most companies need you to have a website, while others let you participate even if you do not currently have one.

Below, we will look at two of the best paying affiliate programs available in Pakistan, which will help you earn money online from the comfort of your home!

Affiliate Program No 1: Daraz.PK

Daraz.PK - Pakistan's Largest Online Shopping Store

UPDATE: Daraz has not been responding well regarding their affiliate program. They haven’t been approving new affiliate applications and all my attempts at contacting them for an update have been unfruitful.

Thankfully, there is another option available for you. I shall soon be adding another good affiliate program to this list. Do stay tuned 🙂

Chances are, you have either already bought something from Daraz or have seen advertisements by them, on the internet.

If you haven’t, you have been living under a rock and really should browse the internet more often! 🙂

Daraz.PK is Pakistan’s Largest Online Shopping Store where hundreds of vendors sell their goods. Since their business model is exactly the same as, it can very rightly be called Pakistan’s Amazon – for now!

It is also the 7th most visited website by Pakistanis. - Pakistan's 7th Most Visited Website

Why Daraz.PK and not Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

Good question!

There is a growing trend in Pakistan where Amazon’s Affiliate Program is being recommended by almost every blogger who writes about making money on the internet.

… and it is a very good idea BUT the biggest drawback is …

Amazon does not ship to Pakistan and neither do Amazon Marketplace Sellers.

Which means you …

1. Need to have very good command over the English language – So you can promote these products to a native English speaking audience. Example; the US and UK markets.

Either that or you need to be able to invest in hiring writers.

2. Are relatively great at SEO
– If you decide to promote these products via a website or a blog, you will be competing with thousands of other affiliates doing the same thing!

So …

… if you do have these skills, you should be exploring the Amazon Affiliate Program


You will make an absolute killing with the the Daraz Affiliate Program! 😉

Learn How to Easily Make a Website

and Earn Money with it!

Some Features of the Daraz Affiliate Program

  1. No Website Needed: Unlike many other programs, Daraz does not require you to have your own website before you can sign up as an affiliate. You can refer buyers to them via Social media, WhatsApp or Text messages and they are fine with it. This is a huge plus for all you aspiring affiliates who do not have their own websites yet. 🙂
  2. Commissions up to 10%: These used to be up to 11% until they changed the commissions structure for their highest paying categories – Kids’ Fashion and Womens’ Fashion.
  3. Cookie Age – 30 Days: This means, when you refer someone to Daraz, you get a commission for whatever they may choose to buy within the next 30 days! Amazing, considering the biggest player in this space – Amazon – has a cookie age of only 1 day!
  4. Cookie Overwrite – None!: This sounded too good to be true, so I picked up the phone and spoke with the Head of the Affiliate Department at Daraz. He confirmed that they do not have a cookie overwrite policy. This potentially means, that if two affiliates end up referring the same customer, they both get commissions.Do you see the possible loop-hole here? This is why I’m not believing this one until I have tested this out myself. Shall report back here, once I have had a chance. 🙂

What are the commission rates offered by Daraz.PK

Daraz offers commissions based on a category structure. Which means, commissions that you earn per sale vary depending on which category the product belongs to.

Let’s see what these categories are and what commissions are offered for each:

  1. Fashion; Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Kid’s Fashion:
    • Confirmation: 9%
    • New Customer: 1%
    • Bonus (15+ Sales): 1%
    • Maximum Possible Commission: 11%
  2. Electronics; TVs, Audio & Video, Games & Consoles, Computing, Cameras & Accessories, Small & Large Appliances, Generators & Power Supplies:
    • Confirmation: 3%
    • New Customer: 1%
    • Bonus (15+ Sales): 1%
    • Maximum Possible Commission: 5%
  3. Beauty & Jewelry; Beauty & Perfumes, Women’s Jewelry, Men’s Jewelry:
    • Confirmation: 2%
    • New Customer: 1%
    • Bonus (15+ Sales): 1%
    • Maximum Possible Commission: 4%
  4. Toys & Gifts; Gifts, Toys, Keychains & Fobs:
    • Confirmation: 2%
    • New Customer: 1%
    • Bonus (15+ Sales): 1%
    • Maximum Possible Commission: 4%
  5. Books & Stationary:
    • Confirmation: 3%
    • New Customer: 1%
    • Bonus (15+ Sales): 1%
    • Maximum Possible Commission: 5%
  6. Home & Living; Lifestyle Accessories, Sports & Fitness:
    • Confirmation: 3%
    • New Customer: 1%
    • Bonus (15+ Sales): 1%
    • Maximum Possible Commission: 5%
  7. Phones, Mobiles & Tablets:
    • Confirmation: Flat Rs. 200 per Sale
    • New Customer: –
    • Bonus (15+ Sales): –
    • Maximum Possible Commission: Flat Rs. 200 per Sale
  8. Everything Else:
    • Confirmation: 3%
    • New Customer: 1%
    • Bonus (15+ Sales): 1%
    • Maximum Possible Commission: 5%

Here is what each term means;

When they say “Confirmation”, they mean each confirmed sale where payment has been received.

In other words, commissions are not earned when the order is placed, but when payment has been received.

When you bring them a “New Customer” – one which is not already a Daraz customer or one who has never purchased from Daraz before.

They also offer you a “Bonus” percentage point when you bring in more than 15 sales in that category for the calendar month.

“Maximum Possible Commission” – only achieved when all the stars align – is pretty self explanatory 🙂

OK, here’s how to start with the Daraz Affiliate Program;

Signing up for the Daraz Affiliate Program

Head on over to

Daraz Affiliate Program Signup Page

Clicking “Signup for Free Now!” will take you to the signup form, which is fairly easy to fill out.

If you do not have a website right now, do not be alarmed by the field marked “Website”. You can use your Social Media URL (Example; your Facebook Profile URL) and it is perfectly acceptable to Daraz!

Daraz Affiliate Program Signup Form

Once you signup, Daraz usually approves your affiliate application within 3 to 4 days.

Using the Daraz Affiliate Panel

Once your application has been approved, you can logon to the Daraz affiliate panel. Once there, you will see that it is fairly easy to navigate.

You can get linking codes and banner ad media sets from the “Ad Media” section. You can use these banners and “Click URLs” to send traffic to Daraz.

These “Click URLs” drive traffic to different categories and promotions on Daraz.

However, in my experience, more sales can be generated if one drives traffic to relevant products directly. Now, that might be because I use the links on blogs where I review particular products. So you might need to experiment with both, the “Click URLs” and Deeplinks, to find out which results in the most conversions for you.

If you intend to write product reviews and send interested readers to Daraz so they might buy that particular product, I would recommend that you use the deeplink generator as well.

Learn How to Easily Make a Website

and Earn Money with it!

If not…

You can simply use the “Click URLs” for categories of your choice and promote those.


Using a URL shortening service like is highly recommended.

This will help you monitor which links drove the most traffic to Daraz for you and which promotion channels (Your Blog, Facebook Groups or WhatsApp etc.) are yielding the best results for you.

Affiliate Program No 2:

Inspedium - Pakistan's Best Web Hosting Company

Inspedium is a web hosting company based in Pakistan.

I know, I know…

Web Hosting affiliate programs have been done to death!


They are GREAT money makers, particularly for people in niches which have anything to do with the Internet!

Whether you help people learn online marketing, have a great online resource helping people learn how to make a website or a blog or help them learn SEO techniques, a web hosting affiliate offer falls nicely into place with your content.

… which is the whole idea with affiliate marketing; Offer value, helping drive sales to a product, which in-turn helps you earn money online! 😉

Which is why you see a lot of bloggers promoting affiliate links for companies such as Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround etc.


What is so great about the Inspedium affiliate program?

Let’s see…

Inspedium Affiliate Program Features

  1. No Website Needed: Just like Daraz, Inspedium does not require you to have a website in order to sign up as an affiliate; which is GREAT!This means, you can use all your social media accounts, YouTube, WhatsApp and text messages in addition to your website/blog – if you have one!
  2. Commissions at 30%: Yes, you read that right! 30% commissions, across the board on all web hosting plans, makes Inspedium the highest paying web hosting affiliate program out of Pakistan – actually the highest paying affiliate program out of Pakistan, in any niche! This potentially means; You can earn a commission of approximately Rs. 45,000 if you manage to sell their Reseller Business plan. That is Rs. 45,000 from just one sale!
  3. Cookie Age – 90 Days: Another slam dunk by this company! No other affiliate program in Pakistan is offering 90 day cookie life. This essentially means that; Your referrals can signup anytime during the next 3 months from the first visit and you will earn a commission on the sale.
  4. Multi-Tiered: OK, here’s another first… Their affiliate program is multi-tiered. This means that you can earn money even if you decide to promote just their affiliate program. The way this one works is:Suppose you refer someone to their program and they sign up as an affiliate. This will make you the Tier 1 affiliate and the referral, Tier 2.Now, whenever a Tier 2 affiliate makes a sale, the Tier 1 affiliate (that’s you) also makes 10% of the SALE AMOUNT!

    Doesn’t stop there, though! Their Tier structure is 10 levels deep. Which means, you earn a commission even when they 10th Tier affiliate makes a sale!

    How cool is that? Seriously!

  5. Promotional Material: In order to help you promote their services, Inspedium offers you quite a few banners and text links with pre-formatted html code for your website/blog (if you have one).
  6. Video Guides: To help you get started with the program, they also offer some very nicely done video guides which help you make the most of the nice affiliate panel.
  7. Signup Bonus!: A super cool feature – and one which helps you in getting more affiliates to signup for the program, thereby increasing your chances of earning commissions – is the Rs. 1,000 signup bonus. Yes. That is Rs. 1,000 – FREE MONEY – which they put into your affiliate account as soon as your account is approved.
  8. Low Payout Threshold: They have a low payout requirement of Rs. 5,000 in your affiliate account. This means; If you have earned Rs. 5,000 in your account, they will send you the money during the 1st week of the following month.

Signing up for the Inspedium Affiliate Program

Head on over to

Earn Money Online with the Inspedium Affiliate Program

The page for the program features an explainer video which is a recommended watch.

This short video does a good job of explaining their affiliate program in detail, along with the signup process.

Clicking “Start Making Money Today” will take you to the signup form, which is fairly easy to fill out.

Inspedium Affiliate Signup Form

Once you sign up, Inspedium usually approves your account within 12 hours.

Using the Inspedium Affiliate Panel

Now that your application has been approved, you can logon to the Inspedium affiliate panel.

The Inspedium affiliate panel is very well structured and easy to use.

Inspedium offers some training videos as well to familiarize you with their program.

Here is a video walk-through of the Inspedium affiliate panel in Urdu:

The Marketing Materials section of the panel has a lot of banners and graphics of different sizes which you can use to promote Inspedium’s services.

Since no usage restrictions for these banners is in place, you can use them on your website or on your social media accounts.

When promoting any affiliate program, you will get best results when you provide some value to your audience.

For instance;

You can teach people how to make a website through a video or an article, and since they will need a web host to host their website, you can easily refer them to signup with Inspedium.

Learn How to Easily Make a Website

and Earn Money with it!

This technique is a proven strategy for driving the most sales/conversions, resulting in commissions for you!

As always;

Using a URL shortening service like for all your affiliate links, is highly recommended.

How Will You Take Action?

The one thing without which you cannot earn money online, is;


How do you plan on doing that?

Will you start a website or blog or will you refer people as an affiliate using your social media accounts?

Do let me know in the comments! 🙂

59 thoughts on “How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan (Affiliate Guide 2022)

  1. Wanted to join’s affiliate programme, but stopped when I read that bit about ‘binding arbitration’. What’s that? Could you explain it, please? Also, can they know that it was I who referred a client to them by posting a link on a Whatsapp group?

    1. Dear Anya,

      Re: Binding Arbitration:

      That is a legal clause in the affiliate agreement whereby you agree to an arbitrator as appointed by the company.

      This is only in case any disputes arise that require arbitration.

      This is cookie-cutter terminology used in many agreements.

      Re: Affiliate Tracking:

      In any such affiliate program, each affiliate gets a unique URL/Link through which their referrals are tracked.

      In both the affiliate programs I mentioned, all you need to do is use the same unique URL/Link when promoting via WhatsApp.

  2. i have pasted the standard linking code to the head section of my pintrest account now if someone clicks that link and make a sale only then i will recieve a commision?and is pasting the standard code to the head section of pintrest account the right way to earn money from pintrest using Inspedium

    1. Dear Iman,

      The answer to your first question is, Yes. Whenever someone who visits a website using your affiliate link and proceeds to purchase the service being sold or advertised, you end up earning a commission.

      Not really sure what you mean by “head section of the pinterest account”, but if I were you, I would choose a banner graphic from “marketing Materials – > Banner” in the affiliate panel, post the graphic on to Pinterest and link it using the affiliate link provided with the banner (starting from https, ending in html). I created an example pin for you to see what I mean –

    1. If you mean to ask whether you will receive a commission if someone joins up as an affiliate with Inspedium, using your link? The short answer is; No.

      You will, however, receive a commission once the affiliate who joined up using your link, makes a sale – and this does not does not stop at the first level. It goes 10 levels deep!

  3. If you area daraz affiliate, you have to post URLs of each and every product individually or is there is a criteria where you can chose a category of products and the links of those products get automatically updated on your website as and when new products are uploaded on the daraz website.

    (i am a novice at IT, so kindly explain in non-technical mode)

    1. With deep-linking, that is correct and the work sounds tedious but you do get the best results this way and the possible ways in which you can promote are maximized.

      However, you can also choose to promote categories and you will not have to work as much.

      As for automated posting of deep-link codes for individual products within a category, you would either have to build a tool or wait for one to be built by someone. Daraz – or even Amazon for that matter – does not allow you this possibility without the use of a third-party tool.

    1. Hello Sana,

      Yeh kaee factors per depend karta hay. Aap kay product ki price, profit margin, popularity of the product you are trying to sell, waghaira.

      Lekin iss article mein hum Daraz per sales ki nahin, Daraz Affiliate program kay through paisay kamanay ki baat kar rahay hain.

      Daraz per apnay products ko sale karnay kay liyay, aap ko Daraz team ko contact karna hoga.

      Daraz affiliate program ko join karnay ka tareeqa iss article mein bataya gaya hay.

  4. agar mein apna link kisi dost ko kahun k wo apne blog ya apne kis or friend ko forward karde to bhi commision mujhe mile ga agar wo kuch purchase kare?
    And you are article writer <3 😀

    1. Jee Faizan,

      Agar woh aap ka link share karey ga aur us link ko click karnay Kay baad koi shakhs web hosting account order karay ga, tau sale per commission aap hi ko milay gi.

  5. Sir plz ya bata dain k ya ju itnay sary website ki opation da raha inspedium in sab ko hum join kary gay tu ho ga aur web hosting kesy sale ho ge aur jis tarha add space manga gaya hai us par tu wo copy link kahan paste ho ga jis se customr click kery ga on my socil account aur kahin tu sirf benner hi ata tu kiya us ko donwload ker k hum apny page par lagygay kiya plz help

    1. Dear Fahad,

      Aap nay 4 sawal poochay hain, mein koshish kar kay baree baree jawab deta hoon.

      > ya ju itnay sary website ki opation da raha inspedium in sab ko hum join kary gay tu ho ga

      Inspedium aik web hosting company hay. Jin options ki aap baat kar rahay hain woh websites nahin hain, unn kay web hosting plans hain. Yeh woh services hain jo woh provide kartay hain. Yeh wohi plans hain jin ko bataur afiliate aap nay promote karna hoga, aur sale kay nateejay mein aap ko commission milay ga.

      Affiliate program join karnay kay liyay aap ko koi web hosting plan khareednay ki zaroorat nahin hay.

      > web hosting kesy sale ho ge

      Iss ka tafseeli jawab yahan dena shayed mumkin na ho. Iss per mein jald hi koi video yah article post karoon ga, inshallah.

      > wo copy link kahan paste ho ga jis se customr click kery ga on my socil account

      Iss ka jawab bohat tafseel sey Inspedium nay apni training videos mein diya hay. Main nay is article mein bhi uss video ko post kiya hay, ussay tasalee sey poora dekheyay, please.

      > kahin tu sirf benner hi ata tu kiya us ko donwload ker k hum apny page par lagygay kiya

      Ji haan, aap yeh bhi kar saktay hain.

  6. SIR,h
    meri sath fb page hai jiss per usa traffic hai kya usa me daraz service hai,mean ager me join karo to kya daraz se usa trafficusa per me earning karsaka ho

    1. US ki traffic kay liyay mein Amazon recommend kaoon ga. Agar kisi aik particular niche per traffic zyada hay tau uss niche sey related affiliate program ko join karna zyada munasib hoga.

      US traffic kay saath Daraz aap kay lliyay munasib nahin.

  7. As Salam O Alakum.
    Boss bilkul nil person ka liya or tips hain to batayen … from long time i m jobless no earning is it possible nil exp person (in computer)can earn also from affialate prg. and to make WEB and what subject will be good to strike pls advise.
    if possible please advise your ctc address and ctc no… you have any institute also ? waiting for your update please

    1. Mein aap ko recommend karoon ga keh aap pehlay chota sa koi skill seekh lein. Jaisay keh WordPress per website bana-na.

      WordPress per website bana-na bohat hi asaan hay aur yeh skill aap ko na sirf apni website bana-nay mein madad dey ga balkay aap iss skill kay through dosroon ki websites bana kar achee khasee amdanee kama saktay hain.

      Mein ney aik WordPress sey website bananay per guide likhee hay. Ussay aik nazar dekh leejiyay. Anay walay dinoon mein iss guide mein, hurr section kay liyay, urdu mein videos bhi shamil hongi –

  8. Please make some social platform where we affiliates together…….for sharing our experiences…. Glad to see you…..

  9. Slam.. Ap buht acha kam kr rhy hyn lekin ye daraz affiliate program to suspend hy i think. Kya ye dubaara active ho gya hy?

  10. when will we receive a commission if someone buy the product from our link or by just click on it???

  11. Well this are Good ways to earn to earn.
    But for me they are not so so i wanna ask i have Facebook page having 17k followers and 15k likes i wanna earn money from there, i try Facebook ad break but it doesn’t work in Pakistan and daraz doesn’t work in other countries, amzon affiliates program wants to know about my whole family (like seriously), i don’t have online debt card, PayPal doesn’t work in Pakistan.
    What should i do.
    I try i. Hosting but its only for specific people which are not Pakistan.

  12. Daraz is not paying to affiliates and thousands of daraz dost subscribers are waiting for their payments. Daraz is considered no. 1 Fraudulent affiliate program . Please remove daraz from this article because it may cause other people become of daraz affiliate program

  13. Hi thanks for sharing, good article about earning.
    i already work on Google Adsense and Draz Affiliate Program, good work prefect earning.

  14. I created my Website to do affiliate with Amazon.
    Can I do afiliate Daraz on same Website?
    I mean 1 Website p Daraz aor Amazon dono ka Affiliate Links dal sakta hung?

    1. Yes, you most certainly can. However, I don’t quite see the point in doing this.

      Your target audience for products from these sites would be totally different. For one, you would need to target a predominantly western audience, while for the other you would need to target a Pakistani audience. 🙂

  15. I am a Seller on Daraz & I want to Join this program as well. Is it Possible? If Yes, Do I need a New Email which I did not Sign up Daraz with?

    1. You most certainly can. However, they have changed their system up quite a bit since this article was written. I am in the process of updating this article to reflect the changes.

      You might need a new email account to signup for the affiliate program.

  16. Assalam o Alaikum Sir. This blog post is very insightful. And I love the way you keep your readers engaged and reading more until the end. Thanks for the recommendation and reviews. Much appreciated 🙂

    This definitely will help. Very nicely taught. Thanks again 🙂

  17. Salam dear Sindhu Sahib, I really appreciate for an excellent helping and well-explained post. it really explains well and I am inspired by the efforts of writing and explaining the whole process. What if I strat it practically.
    You have done your part, it’s our part now to take action. Soon I shall let you know. Thank you so much.
    As I don’t have any experience, I may request you for some help at some steps, would it be possible to help me.

  18. Sir plz tell me when we sign up with the daraz it’s asking for company and tax details whereas I am only a student. What we can do in this step my father is also doing job in an hospital.
    Thanks in advance

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